Mamma Mia!

One of my personal rules is to “always ask for more then you want, and to always ask if you want.” That rule totally paid off for me this week when Michelle and I were waiting for some Sandwiches to be made. We walked next door to the move rental place where I saw a Mamma Mia! Cardboard stand up. Being me I asked if I could have it. They took down my number and called me back a few days later and told me that I could have it. I was so excited!! Here I am standing next to my new cut out

Mamma Mia! For me was the best movie of 2008. It was set in a brilliant place, had some great music, above all else best part is that you can feel through the screen how much fun all of the actors had making the movie. It makes me happy to even think about watching the movie. When Michelle and I took the stand up of the store and tried to put it in the samurai we were both a bit shocked how big it was. We ended up hanging it out the back and driving home real slow on the side of the road with the Hazards on!! I love a good adventure. Here I am standing next to the loaded Zoo .

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