Nerd nuggets

Last night I had dinner with some Fellow Exchange TAP members and a guy from the DPM product group. We had a great time eating Malaysian Thai food and joking about nerd stuff. Clifton pulled a hair out of our rice bowl and showed it off for the group. I snapped a picture of it. The white things hanging below Clifton’s hand are rice grains attached to the hair.

From the conversations I gathered a few bits of nerd nuggets:

  • Exchange might stop doing the import or export to PST thing; Why ? The EU. Exchange does not own the code for the PST, Office does. Exchange fears that if they “bundle” the PST code with Exchange then they might be violating some EU antitrust. Sounds like crap to me
  • I knew the numbers but I never did the math. Outlook 2010 will come out months after Exchange 2010 comes out. Outlook being “bundled” with Exchange was / is another EU antitrust thing. I don’t love the EU antitrust right now.
  • Hairs in rice make for fun pictures
  • The DPM team has one User Experience (UE, or writer) on the team working on documentation.
  • The DPM development team is 100% in India. This is the first product from Microsoft 100% in India.
  • Delayed copy DAG replicas are going to make for some huge Log drive requirements. If you have delay on one member of the DAG all members need to keep the logs for that long. If you generate 200GB or Logs a day and you delay for the max of 2 weeks that’s like 2 x 7 x 200 GB or space. If I do that math I come up with like a billion hundred and 15 GB or something.

That’s all I got.

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