Super Team Power

Tim is my X office Wife, and a very good friend. He is also one of the best team partners I’ve ever had. Last night we spent about 6 hours trying to make an ISA server work on a hyper-v server. In the end we were both overly tired and not thinking straightly so we called it. We rolled back to the old ISA server. It sucked to have to admit defeat but it was the best call that we could make at the time.

On the way I was thinking out loud with Michelle about how awesome of a team Tim and I are. Normal team dynamics dictate that someone has to be in charge and take credit for things. They dictate that egos have to be involved and cause conflict. Because of who Tim and I are we don’t have any of the normal team issues. We’re simply two friends working towards a single goal playing off of each other to get there. Tim wants to try something I step away and encourage him. I want to try something and he does the same back to me.

It’s hard to find a good team member. Clint and I used to work the same way when we worked on things. We got the point where I would hand him the tool that he needed as he needed it without communicating. I love a well fit together team that works to the goal and does not work to battle the members.

Again my life is so much better because of the great people I have found to share it with.



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