SEAF and the EMP

On Saturday Michelle and I went to the Seattle Erotic Art Festival at the Seattle center. As we were about to head out I called up Tim and Julie and asked them if they wanted to come with us. I gave them 5 minutes notice and they managed to get ready and come with us!! The show was MUCH bigger than it ever has been before with all kinds of great art handing on the walls and numerous live shows to take in. We had a good time. I was a bit miffed that I did not get to take in some of the more entertaining live shows later on in the night, but what can you do? I put my kid first in everything and I had him for the weekend. It was hard enough to sneak away for the few hours that we did, and would not have been possible to stay for the live shows.

As we were walking back to the car from the show I saw a small hole in the side of the EMP that looked like a perfect place to take some pictures. This is what we ended up with. The last picture in the series seems to be missing… I am sure you can image what happened next.

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