Squishy Floor in the Kitchen

Michelle and I went shopping at Costco last night. We went up and down every isle like we always do. We do this because you never know what you mind find at Costco that you “NEED”. Last night we found a snap together foam floor covering that I had to have for the kitchen. I wanted to get 3 bundles but Michelle talked reason into me and we only got one to see if we liked it or not. After putting it down last night and walking over it for a half an hour I can say that I am in love with it!!! If I get home in time tonight I am going to run back to Costco and get some more so I can cover the entire work space around the island. The ½” of squish makes the kitchen work experience so much more better. My feet love it, my knees love it, and my eyes think that it is not half bad either.

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