Kev Style Whirlwind Mothers day weekend

We had a crazy busy weekending…. :

  • Saturday started with Car repair I bought a new car for a roommate) Some picture editing, Prep work for a day hike, Hiking Rattle Snake again [4]( this time with Michelle[3]), we got home and I started building a TMG server for Zebra, then Tim and I Spent the next 7 hours failing to make TMG work but succeeding to make an ISA server work
  • Sunday started with some failed battle, more car work, finding all of our Motorcycle gear for the days ride, we rode to Graham to see Michelle Rants, [1] we made Michelle’s family late lunch for Mothers day, then we loaded back on the bike and went to my rants house and hung with the family [5] until we jumped on the ferry at 2030 to head home. We got home minutes before a downpour started; great timing.[2]

Michelle managed to make like 10 sandwiches and paint some cabinets while all of this was going on. I left out that I got to eat a mini sirloin burger from JIB Saturday night; not as good as the commercial, and I played a game or Horse with Phil and lost. We had an extremely busy, exciting, fun, weekend – now I’m the walking zombie feeling asleep at work.

[1] We stopped the bike mid trip to adjust the squelch on the AutoComm and the battery went dead. I had to push the bike up an off ramp then ride it back down the off ramp the wrong way to jump start the bike. Then I was all sweaty in my gear.

[2] Michelle was lacking in water resistant leggings and we were a bit nervous that she might have to get wet on the ride home.
[2.5] Hi Les – I like the new Format




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