Making ISA work in Hyper-V

Tim and I have spent two late nights at Zebra trying to make ISA server, then a TMG server work as Guests VMs on a Hyper-V server. In the end we made the ISA server and were unsuccessful with the TMG server. The problem we were seeing was that traffic was getting the ISA but the ISA server was not getting all of the IP packet information. This turns out to be a Problem with Hyper-V and how it presents the Virtual Adaptor to Guest. One of the suggested solutions was the present the adaptors to the Guest as Legacy Adaptors. For us this did not work for TMG. It caused us to us to fail back to an ISA server. To make the ISA server we had to add a registry key to the Hyper-V Host and reboot. Once we did that all was well.

To allow an ISA server to function as a VM Guest on a Hyper-V server, Add the following Registry Key to the HOST server:
Key | HKLM\System\CutrrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\DisableTaskOffload
Type | DWORD
Value | 1 (Hex or Decimal the number is the same)

Thanks for all of your Help Tim!!

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