Patience and ESEUtil

I showed up at work this morning a bit before 6am this morning and walked into the NOC to say hi. I was a bit shocked when I was greeted by one of my very brilliant Engineers who’d been at work since yesterday afternoon. He’d been working on a server in Italy that had a hard Raid 5 corruption that took down all of the Exchange databases on the server. Over the course of the night he got all but one of the databases back up with ESEUtil (the backups were not valid so they could not be used) I made him go home and took over cleaning up the last databases once he had me briefed on what happened. I like to try to make people go home and work less. I have the opposite issues of most Managers. I have to make my guys work less time… I have no problems getting them to come in early and go home late.

The ESEUtil scan that we were running on the last database stopped for about 7 hours displaying “Deleting Unicode fixup table” Everything that I read on the internets about this says that it should complete. I was watching CPU and Memory utilization, based on these it appeared that things were moving along and that something was happening, but the status never changed. I have no patience so I wanted to stop it many times and start over again or do something else, but I managed to be good and wait it out. Eventually it completed and the databases mounted. My Advice to you if you run into this same error is to wait it out.

As you can see in the picture below it took me 42,382 seconds to complete the scan of my 80GB database. That’s about 11.7 hours in case you wanted to do the do math but were too lazy to actually do it.

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