I Might be overly Committed to work

As proof to support this post Title; I sent the following email out today….

Part of my Title is Senior Engineer, it says so in my Signature; I feel that a big part of that job role is mentoring and teaching. I’d like to give equal time to everyone in Operations to have an opportunity to learn. Some of you may have noticed my bright smiling face showing up in the NOC at nights over the last month or so. Starting next week I’m officially announcing that I will working in the NOC from around 9PM Wednesday until about 4AM Thursday every week. My goal for my time in the NOC will be to help out with any big things that pop up while I am there, relieve the on call Engineer for night, to learn more about what goes in the NOC, and my Biggest priority is to teach those in the NOC. As I see it, investing my time to teach those in the NOC has a great return on investment that will manifest itself as less work for the Ops Engineers.

To help me be better tasked while I am in the NOC please keep track of things that you want to know more about and then harass me about. The Day Time staff gets Big Grilling Fridays; Now the Night time staff is going to get Kev Kooking Wednesdays. Next week I’ll be bringing my homemade Chicken pot pie in to feed everything on the Night Shift.


Kevin Miller
Senior Exchange Engineer / Operations Manager

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