Weekend Wrapup

A whole list of crap I’ve been thinking and had happen but been too lazy to post:

  • Michelle and I went hiking around Tiger Mountain Sunday. We walked around the lake and did some bus trail, then ended up on a power line. It was a nice excuse to get out of the house, walk around and chat up about our lives. Pretty amazing how much fun we have as partners!!
  • The Saturday before Tiger we walked down a water line trail near our house for about an hour. We turned back after we conquered some ¼ mile of 45 degree angle hill that nearly killed me and my stupid shins. Some hikes kill my shins and others do not. It is very annoying. It seems that the hikes that are more level (pavement, gravel trail) are the ones that cause me the most pain.
  • I found a good link for dategirl and I’ve been catching up with her in free my time http://www.seattleweekly.com/authors/judy-mcguire/
  • Last weekend we cooked and ate a pound of bacon for breakfast without telling Trenton. When he finally came out of the cave and found out that he did not get any he got the hint that maybe he should come out of his room every once and a while. I wonder what will happen when the bulb in his LCD projector finally wears out. What will he do?
  • Trenton’s Grandpa could employ Trenton almost full time summer and give him a great chance to make money and grow, but that didn’t work out.
  • Looks like my management duties at work will more than double here soon, and, as a bonus, I might or might not get to manage people on both coasts. This should be an interesting change and such. On the plus side I will get a more better schedule. If I play my cards right I should end up working 12 hours days officially and get more days at home. Right now I work Mon, Tues, From home on Wed, a night shift Wed- Thurs, get home and sleep, keep up on mail Thurs, then work Friday. I like how I am working now but it would be cool to officially get more time at home during the week.
  • Phil got a job that he starts after this coming weekend!! Good for him. He’s done well in the month or so that he’s been up here. Found a job, a gal, and worked out a car. Not too bad for a boy from the AZ. He is going to a waiter dood at some new fancy restaurant in Ballard.
  • Tim and I spent the better part of Saturday night at Zebra working on building a SCVMM server that we can use to convert hardware to VMs We got a lot done but we did not get to test any of it. Much more research and writing will be needed to get to the next step. Maybe weekend after next we can try again. Next week we are headed to Oregon to go rafting.

That’s what I got for this morning. Back to work…

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