My Poor Baby

My poor baby had an accident last night fighting with a bear. As a result of that right her hand is all beat up. It went like this, queue the fog for the flashback scene. Michelle and I were in the kitchen last night talking and “aggressively” playing when my elbow “accidently” came into contact with her the inside of wrist behind her thumb. Michelle made some great pain faces and interesting noises[1], then she held her wrist while snuggling up to my chest and wept some more. She let me taste her tears, I told her these tears tasted like hurt and let her know I felt bad for the pain she was experiencing due to me being a brute[2]…

After checking for breaks and distracting Michelle with shinny objects and jokes we went out and ran some errands. While we were out Michelle either played very tough or was doped up on endorphins because she was doing pretty well. Fast forward to a few hours later after sitting at our computers working Michelle had to take some drugs and ice her wrist because the pain was becoming too strong for her to deal with. While snuggling on the couch I tried to make her smile with comments like “can you still have sex with a busted hand” to which she replied ” with a normal gentle person maybe, with you, I don’t think so” I still feel bad about it and I’m going to keep trying to make up for it. Michelle assures me that she does not blame me and that it was an accident.

At one point last night after I apologized again she says to me “Baby, it was not your fault, I need to learn to not fight with bears – I always get hurt” My momma was right when she started calling me a brute. I hope that my baby gets better, and this story gives her a little giggle when she reads it after getting out of bed.[4]

[1] I really wish that I had them on video
[2] With me sometimes love hurts [3]
[3] Hi Les!!
[4] Way less That’s in this one = ]

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