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I ordered another new laptop last week to replace the Mega laptop that I ordered and returned because it was too big. I’ve been tracking the laptops journey to my house online via FedEX. Today the laptop was delivered at 16:11 to the wrong address. It took me an hour to notice it was delivered to the wrong house (Michelle and I were “napping”). Being good with the interwebs I looked up the signature and then looked up the name and discovered where the Laptop was delivered too. Then I called Dell to see what the deal was. Their offices were closed, but they had chat open. I started a chat session and they hung up on me telling me to go somewhere else; VERY ANNOYING they get a d- from me. I called FedEx and told them my package was sent to the wrong address. They told me they’d send the driver out to fix the problem. Right now I think I should go get it myself, but I will wait a few hours and see what they come up with. I want to wait so I can deny delivery of the package if it’s been opened. There are some things that you don’t do second hand.

On the phone with FedEX I told the guy what address the package was sent too, his response was “WOW how do you know that” I told him that I worked that out based on the name of on the signature. Behold the power of the interwebs. I hope that my laptop shows up soon.

UPDATE | The guy who had my laptop called me and told me that he had not opened it, and if I wanted it I should come get it! So we went down and got it. Now I am installing Windows 7 on it!!! Some things have a way of working out in the end.

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