B-day Party 2009

Saturday is my B-day. Earlier this week and later next week are the Birthdays of two of my current and one of my former roommates. Instead of doing a party for each of us I figured we should all do a big party at the same time and invite everyone. Being a spoiled brat myself who has the means to go out and buy whatever I want I am hard to shop for when it comes to B-day gifts. In the past I have come up with lists and help etc. but this year I took a different approach.

We put in a gravel area at the end of the yard that has a burn pit in the middle of it. To help finish the area off I am asking for rocks. Big rocks to sit on, rocks to walk on, and rocks to form the edge of the burn pit. Phil gave me my first Rock last weekend. He painted my favorite 2 unicorn’s humping onto a rock; Brilliant!!He also gave me the stencil. I cannot wait to paint it on my Zoo!!

I am very excited about to see the rocks that others will bring!

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