Thirty Third Year

Saturday marks the start of Thirty Third year of life. I’ll be thirty two years old sometime in the morning. As always with me this last year has been full of all kinds of change and fun:

  • Hooked up with Michelle and she moved into the house
  • We had Adam come live with us, then he moved out
  • We go to jump off the deck into two feet of snow in the back yard
  • Bought a sauna and fell in love sweating in the box
  • Became obsessed with Hannah Montana
  • We lost Michael as a roommate then he got Hitched. I performed the ceremony.
  • After the Fridge in the shower incident I changed jobs leaving 3Sharp was not easy, I loved it there.
  • CL and I are almost done being Divorced, only took a long time because we are lazy
  • I wrote a bunch of test questions for Microsoft Exchange Exams; Nice extra Coins
  • Left Verizon after forever to move to ATT, and I think that I hate ATT. my calls drop all the time
  • Built a Gym in the basement with TV so I can work out while watching Hannah
  • Phil moved in to the house, we bought him a car and got him going.
  • I tied some people up and they eventually got out
  • We got Robbed and bought all kinds of new things
  • I got a few new laptops
  • We started hiking all over the place
  • I put a hole in Michelle’s car and we had to go to Portland again to get it
  • We went River Rafting
  • Took some nice Motorcycle trips
  • We had a few travel options to Vegas and Charlotte for work, plus Vancouver and some other places for fun

And that’s about it for this morning, now off to save the world…

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