Accidental date Night

Earlier last week I had a light work load night so I was able to give Michelle some Extra attention. It would seem that we accidently went out on a date after some great battle and a nap. I wanted to go to Half Price books to cruise for some hiking and outdoor books. Michelle and I both love books meaning we had to go as a team. We tried to look at all of the shelves and find as many good books as we could. At one point we had to take our pile to the check out to drop it off because it was too much to carry.

After the book store our bellies were telling us we were hungry and in need of some dinner. Being in downtown Redmond I was thinking about the places that Tim used to take me to lunch, and Pho popped into my head. Michelle had never had Pho before and she loves adventure so she got all excited for something new. I got Beef, Michelle got chicken, and Marty got the left over’s from both! The bowels were huge. Michelle has no skill with chop sticks; it was very entertaining to watch her eat her noodles!! Below is a shot of Michelle successfully getting some food in her mouth.

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