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Michelle and I gun filled weekend. First Saturday morning we got up early with Trenton and Nick and road out to a gravel pit where we went shooting for a bit. This was Michelle’s first ride on a dirt bike. She did great, held on real tight and did not fall off!! As a plus Michelle looked hot in her ridding gear.

And she makes the cutest concentration faces when she is trying to hit things with a hand gun. She even managed to hit a few things after running through enough shells. We shot a 22 pistol for the morning. It was much better sized for her to shoot and not be scared of the gun like she was with the 45

After getting home from the lake we Michelle and I lazed around a bit and relaxed. Eventually we got the energy to go for a walk around the neighborhood listening to fire crackers I decided that I wanted to bigger and make some more noise then everyone else. I went home and opened up the Gun safe, Pulled out the 12 gauge, a box of ammo, went up the back deck, and shot holes in the grass for 20 minutes. I was Much louder then everyone else!!

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