The Power of Wireless

My employment is based on my brain and my ability to communicate. I’m employed because I know lots of stuff, and I know lots of people. The stuff comes from reading, doing, breaking things, and learning from other people. The people comes from this blog, my online presence in groups, being an author, meeting people IRL, speaking, travel, and me generally being a fun person to hang out with. In my work world it’s lovely to be me; I’m at the top of my field.

In today’s connected world it’s a brilliant thing to be sought after in a Brain based communications job. It means that I can work from anywhere that I can get a wireless signal. Last Thursday I went into work at about 9pm and came home at about 3:30am. I would have been home sooner but I patched an ISA 2006 server remotely and the patch shut off ISA and let the server wait to have the restart button pressed state. Since I used ISA to attach to the ISA box I had to leave the office I was at and drive into the other office to fix the ISA server. Because I was up so late I worked from home Friday.

On my plate Friday were a number of conference calls, and some fun email writing. Before it got too warm outside I moved my office to the back yard and sat in a folding chair for a few hours “working”. The picture below is of me in my “office” working last Friday. It delights me that I have so many options in my work life.

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