Killing Kittens

Trenton and I like to talk in code whenever possible. You never know who might be listening in. Many moons ago I showed him the below picture that added “killing kittens” to our lexicon. Killing kittens obviously is our code word for masturbation. How do we use this term you ask? Here is an example of how it can be used in a conversation

Dad | Boy, how many kittens have you killed today
Boy | Like 4, it’s been a light day

In the case of talking to my kid about masturbation I think that calling it killing kittens make it MUCH simpler for him and I to talk about and be more open about. In my world having your child be open with you about the “sex” world is a huge step to raising a healthy child who will become a healthy adult. From killing kittens it’s a simple step to teach “ALWAYS wear a condom” and then to ask ” Did you use a condom” I would rather empower and teach my kid about how to deal with situations then build a fence of nurf around him and tell him ” you can’t do that” and then try to keep him from doing things. I cannot be there all the time. Not being there I have to educate and equip my kid with what he needs to deal, and teach how best to deal, then hope that he listens and does the right thing. The fence / nurf technique is the wrong way to do it, it causes problems later on once the kid has moved beyond the fence and has no clue what to do.

Pretty much everyone who I speak with on a regular basis has adapted killing kittens to their vernacular. Does this mean am obsessed with masturbation? I don’t think so, I think that it simply means that I am honest and that I have no tack. Like when I was talking about methocarbomol this weekend and mentioned that I was taking it once after a car wreck and that it turned me into an stoppable sex god because it numbed me up. Anyhow back to my original story– This morning I came across a comic with my term in it that made me giggle a bit. Since it made me giggle I felt compelled to include it below. Click through to find the source

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