Cooking Dinner

Trenton offered to cook dinner tonight and I jumped all over the chance to spend some time in the kitchen with him teaching and having fun. Trenton looked around the good book and found what he wanted to make. He found a recipe for Alfredo. Review of the list showed that we were missing only one ingredient. With determination to cook we got on the bike and rode down to the store to get the missing ingredient. Along the way my chain broke and we ended up walking the bikes back home. Once we got home we dropped the bike off and ended up driving to the store. After we got home Trenton and I got into our cooking suits and cooked!!!

Dinner turned out ok; not bad, and not brilliant. Michelle said “too much garlic”, like there is such a thing, and I did not cook the noodles enough. Other then those two bits dinner was good. The best past of dinner was Trenton I getting some much needed bonding time and we got some good family time sitting at the table eating. !!! It is great to have Trenton and see him light up when we do things like this.

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