Walk in the Fog

Saturday we all went down to the Peterson home in the Graham cracker where we met up with most of the clan for a family event. We loaded into four trucks and drove up the side of Mount Rainer. It was a foggy ride up the mount on a road that was not passable by most passenger cars. Visability was about 30 feet or before things vanished into the fog. When we got to a Peterson hunting ground of old we all got out into the clouds and spread the ashes or Michelle’s grandfather near where her great grandfather was found the summer after he went missing in the mountain many moons ago.

While we were up there the boy and I had to mess around a bit, of course what else do we together? Trenton is weighing at about 150 pounds now. I think I hit that in my senior year of high school or there about. He is so going to tower over me before I know it.

Click the following link for the rest of the pictures http://pics.wlkmmas.org/main.php?g2_itemId=163380

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