Eating Les – Cooking stew

I’ve made a huge commitment to myself this month. I’m working to drop back down to 190 or less pounds and drop this stress. laziness induced, fat that’s built up all over my body the last few years. I like to do things hardcore when I do them and I’ve not let myself down here. I committed to working out no less than twice a day; a 20-30 minute run in the morning (at about 4:20am), Another run with some weights when I get home and then trying for a walk with Michelle at nights. In addition to the workouts I’ve been keeping my food intake to less than 1300 calories a day. Below is a half of a sandwich that I had for dinner the other night. I used to eat a few of these at once, now I’ve taken to eating half a sandwich. It started out hard, now it is pretty simple a few weeks into it.

Last night my progress really hit me. I started cooking stew to bring to the Boys at work tonight for dinner ( I cook the night crew dinner once a week ) I bought 6 pounds of Chuck steak for the stew and used half of it. Looking at the 6 pounds of meat on my counter it hit me, I’ve lost more than that from my body… I have no clue where from, but it’s pretty shocking to see what 6 pounds of meat looks like and think I’ve lost more than that; I’ve lost 7 pounds in the last week or two….

Progress feels good. When I get done I’ll work up a progress picture thing and post it here.

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