My Inbox is HUGE and POWERFUL

I’m running Exchange 2010, Outlook 2010, and now Outlook Mobile for Windows Mobile 6.5. That sentence was a mess of marketing crap; basically I am running all of the soon to come out versions of Microsoft’s core communications and collaboration options. Did it again, I’ve been writing marketing and branding too long. Anyhow, Yesterday I upgraded to Outlook Mobile for WM6.5 and I noticed a crazy cool feature a few hours after the upgrade.

When a TXT message shows up on my phone it also shows up in my Outlook Inbox (notice the second item down) when I saw this I was thinking “super brilliant, I wonder if I can reply” To find out, I replied to the TXT and the reply shows up on Michelle’s phone. Awesome I can now send TXT messages from Outlook. This will make my life so much better for tracking purposes, plus I’ll have even less reason to find my phone.

What I am wonder, and I will research later, is, how is the TXT message being sent. I remember there being money involved when you setup Exchange to send TXT messages and I don’t remember paying that money. If the message is sent VIA my phone that would be crazy awesome.

A bonus, notice the Third item down in my inbox is a Voice mail. All of the voice mail that I get on my mobile phone shows up in my Outlook. The Voice messages are dictated by machine, and the message is attached as a file. The dictation is not 100% but I generally get the idea of what was said. It’s enough to keep me from having to listen to the message. Which I love.

Conclusion, My Outlook inbox is now the center of my communications world. Email, Voice mail, IM, and now TXT messages all show up in my Outlook Inbox. This stuff keeps getting better.

**UPDATE**  Accroding to  ptousig @ Microsoft “The TXT messages you type in Outlook are sync’d up to your phone’s Outbox and then your phone sends the TXT message for you” what this means is that Outlook Mobile 6.5 will allow you send and receive TXT messages from Outlook without incurring third party TXT message fees that an Exchange TXT connector costs.

What this also means is that your Dirty TXTs can show up in the Inbox that you have an ActiveSync relationship with….. Be careful!!

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