Epic Failure and Potential Success

When it was bloody hotter than it ever should be in the PNW this summer I ordered an extra big Arse in wall AC unit from Amazon to stick in my living room; me and hot do not go well together. The AC unit shows up last week and I was super short on time. I didn’t even think about installing it. After being raped by network issues for most of yesterday I finally had some time to open the box and work out mounting it. When I opened the box I discovered that the unit was not packaged properly and subsequently it got crushed sometime between manufacturing and showing up in my living room. The Box had thick cardboard corners in the front to keep it from being crushed. It did not have them in back and the back of the unit was crushed. Amazon is sending the shipping company back out to get the busted one and to deliver me a new one. I love shopping from my living room.

That tiny spotted ball of furry in the left of the crushed AC unit picture is MAPI Deuce; our new Bengal. Took him the better part of a week to get over the fear of me and come out of the bathroom after we got him. Now, a week later, he is all over the house exploring and causing trouble. Last night he busted my silicon slice and crawled into my shorts a few times while hiding from Sookie. Looks like MAPI is going to be a fun cat. I’ve never been a fan of the litter box. Michelle, always out to take care of me, has volunteered to clean it, but I don’t like doing stuff like that to her. So we are going to give toilet training MAPI a try. To help with the toilet training adventure I bought (yes from Amazon) a toilet seat cover that we can slowly cut out to help train MAPI to use the toilet. We are going to start this challenge next month after we get back from SFO. Below is the cover I ordered for our toilet.


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