Too Many Emails

I went on a mini Vacation this week; from start to finish I think that I got 42 hours of total relaxation time. I took off work at 1300 Monday, and got back at 5:30 Wednesday. I came in early to get off early, so I still put in my 8 hours in the office on Monday. After getting home I got on an hour long con call while Michelle packed the car. Then we drove to Ocean Shores to spend a few nights with Michelle’s fam. Had a great time walking around the beach and the town of Ocean Shores. We played games, read, ate, laughed and relaxed.. I even took a nap. It was brilliant!! check out the pictures if you are interested Below is a shot of Michelle and I walking along the beach. I was working on Vitamin D production with my shirt off to combat Swine Flu!!

We left to come home Wednesday at about 10am and by that time I was already working on an issue for one of my jobs. I spent the car ride home and the next 6 hours after we got home working on a network issue that’s cleared up this morning after a number of phone calls to Verizon. When I made back to work and opened Outlook I watched my unread count go up. The count stopped around 13,000 unread; Too many emails after being gone for only a few days. I get way too much email for my own good. The only thing I have going for me other then years of practice is a massive amount of the messages dealt with by rules that filter things out. I’ve written a bunch about how I filter my email, see the following links for more:

Even filtered I still have 565 unread items in my work inbox alone. And I’ve been asked by a number of people here at work already “have you seen this email? ” Dood I was gone for a few days give me a few hours to catch up!!! You might think Email is my life more than it should be, but I enjoy it for now.

I am off to save the world, one email at a time.

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