Splitting Hairs

Growing hair back where hair has fallen out is one of those things that most men dream about, but few can afford to do. I think it can be much more affordable than most think, especially if you catch it early. There are some drug options. From research the creams and shampoos did not look to be an option in my world because they only work as long as you keep on using them. I like solutions that last for the long haul.

Propecia is one of the FDA approved drugs with the highest success rate that seems like the way to go in my mind. The down side is the cost can hurt, but then so can the hair losses. The active ingredient in Propecia is Finasteride and was first prescribed to combat prostate enlargement in a 5 mg/day dose. One of the side effects was hair re-growth, so more study was done. From the study Propecia was born and is now prescribed for hair re-growth in the crown or vertex area in a 1 mg/day dose. Propecia costs about $80-$90/mo and is not covered by most insurance. To get around the cost you can get a prescription for generic Finasteride in 5 mg doses to combat prostate growth, then cut the pills into quarters. The cheapest place to get generic Finasteride is Costco where it costs $96 for 100 pills (use ¼ per day) which will last 400 days; about 24 cents per day. 24 cents a day is Much better than 3$ a day for Propecia. Take the full 400 for a year and you should have a noticeable difference. The only odd rare side effect is Man boobs; which is worse; Lack of hair, or man boobs… you decide…

Your family doctor should be able to prescribe generic Finasteride for you. Ask your doctor to write it for 100 pills and head to Costco.. Safeway charges $300 for the same thing so Costco is best. No telling why I might have been doing this research; look below I have hair right? In doing the research it helped to work for the owner of http://www. hairtransplantseattle.com and be able to pick his brain.

And yes I do play a doctor on the internet….

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