Update of Sorts

Been a bit since I made a post on my own; Michelle was brilliant and covered our SFO Trip for me, thanks to her. Here is a bulleted blast

  • Been Motorcycle Shopping – I picked up a few dual sport bikes. A Yamaha XT600, and a KLR 650. Next weekend Trenton and I are going to get some use out of them and head out to the lake for a ride. We are going to start riding around 10am Saturday from the cabin and head north by east and see how far we can get. Around 7 or so, we’ll setup camp and spend the night in the woods. In the morning we’ll pack up and head back to the cabin then to mom and dad’s house for dinner. Should be fun. Pictures to follow once I fix my picture site.
  • Busted the Picture site. I was moving things around and I had a server crash in the middle of the move, screwing things up. SO I restored from a day before and I did not restore the right files. I had to call in support to get some help to maybe resolve the issue and get pictures back
  • Cleaning stuff – Michelle and I moved everything out of the Gym and put it into the Garage and the store room. We gained about 50 square feet of space in the gym and came away with a big pile of new shelves in the garage. Out of the cleaning we ended up with a bunch of stuff to give away / sell. Amazing what goes and what does not. 50 quart jars full of bad pickles gone in hours. 3 fire place tool sets, gone in hours. Stationary bike, gone the same day. Server rack still at home.. Oh well we’ll keep working at it and get rid of it.
  • We gave up on Teaching MAPI to use the toilet. He told us he did not like it by pooping in the middle of the bed. Now he is trapped in the kitchen until he can consistently use the bathroom correctly.
  • Toured a few Datacenters for the second job and I picked on. I hope we’ll be moving into it soon – more to follow on that with pictures!

More to follow with pictures when I get the site fixed.

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