Dreams of being on the Water

I recently finished watched Moxie Marlinspike‘s sailing documentary Hold Fast about the adventures of the Anarchist Yacht Club on their rescued scrap boat Pestilence. I watched the movie over a 2 day period from my treadmill movie theater. Over the past few months since I went into high gear working out I’ve gone from short, less than 20 minutes, stints on the treadmill to 45 plus minute uphill runs. 45 minutes is about perfect to watch an hour show, or half of a movie.

Moxie’s documentary makes the point that because of fiberglass construction, and the fact that they keep making new boats rather than refurbishing old ones, there are thousands and thousands of perfectly good ship hulls lying in marinas and back yards, available for almost nothing — they bought the Pestilence for a thousand dollars. I’ve always dreamed about spending an extended period of time on a boat sailing all over the place. Watching this movie gave a glimpse at what it might be like and inspired me to never give up on that dream. I might make Michelle watch this movie with me some night after our Comcast service runs out; another week until it’s canceled.

Anywho I highly recommend the movie, it’s a bit slow at time and feels like a photo story at the start, but it picks up and gets better. If you have the time to read, Moxie has some brilliant stories about his adventures on his website; check them out.

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