Weekend Adventure – Little Mt Si

Michelle and I went for a quick 3 hour hike up Little Si on Saturday. I hiked little Si a few months ago with the Boy and a roommate and it kicked my arse. After a few months of treadmill and weight loss this time around I made it to the top and felt like ready for me. Made me pretty proud of myself; I’ve made some great progress. Not to say I was not beat at the top. I had to take my shirt off and dry it due to my sweat drenching it, but I did not feel dead like last time. After a quick stop for lunch I proved to myself how much more I had by running up and down a rock face. In my mind it’s easier to speed climb things because your momentum allows you make bigger jumps. Michelle got that on video – maybe someday I’ll work out where to post videos and give an update.

Below; me and my baby catching our breath after the hike

Below; I am running back down the hill after running it up. Up was captured on video, down was pictures

Check the following link for the rest of the pictures http://pics.wlkmmas.org/main.php?g2_itemId=167728

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