Michelle Made Dinner – Spicy Sausage and Chicken soup

Last night I came home to brilliant smells emanating from the kitchen. My tour of smells started with a bowl of cookie dough Michelle saved for me to clean out. Followed by a taste of a robust spicy soup she made. Topped off with a sniff of corn bread being pulled from the oven; Brilliant combination. Since our Babe spent so much time cooking and created such wonderful things we decided the four of us would sit down and have a family style dinner at the dinner table.

Kev Loves Family dinner night; we should do it more often. Michelle was cute sweating and tearing up from the spice! I’m Proud of her for getting into the heat. Last year this time she would have never tried something this spicy. Today she looks forward to it and creates some herself!! Thanks for a great dinner Baby.

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