Ticket Month

Being focused on the ROI, I’m not a huge “buy tickets and go to events” type of guy, until this month. Michelle and I have bought tickets to not one but two separate events in the Seattle area taking place this October.

This weekend are we headed to Portland for some Bacon Maple bar action, awesome biscuits, walk abouts, a visit to Powell’s, and a hike on Mount Saint Helens to check some water falls. I sure hope we are not hiking in the rain because Michelle and I have yet to find water resistant boots that work for our feet. Weekend after our Portland weekend the Ticket weekends start.

Next weekend we are headed to HUMP to watch a bunch of local homemade porn shorts with a bunch of other Seattle peeps interested in such things. Personally, I’m really looking forward to going to HUMP!! I’ve been waiting all year to go after missing it last year. In Kevin and Michelle style we’ll most likely make a day of it and explore some bits in the area. It’s a weekend and our tickets are for late afternoon. During the late morning afternoonish time window I’m thinking we should go on a farmer’s market tour. We can pick up some new brilliant cheeses, some wood over cooked Pizza, and anything else looking luscious that we might want.

The weekend after HUMP, our next Trenton weekend, we’re heading to Benaroya Hall to watch Mr. Kevin Smith live. Yup, we are going to go see the Fat Funny man talk about who cares what because it will be a kick arse show! I’ve made Michelle and Trenton watch some of Kevin’s DVDs in the past and they both enjoyed them, or they told me they did…. Going to see him live, with new stuff, I hope will turn out to be a great night. We might have to add in some Extra adventure before hand and walk about down town Seattle for something. Maybe have Piroshky for dinner or something else brilliant. I bet Michelle does her usually spectacular research and comes up with some brilliant ideas.

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