Weekend Project – Battle Ground Reinforcement

Many moons ago I bought my bed off of craigslist. I am fairly certain it fell off the back of a BON truck. For 300$ we got a 1500$ platform bed frame and a 2000$ mattress still in the OEM packaging. The story goes, from the delivery driver “the frame had a crack in it so the customer denied delivery and the store did not want it back because it was damaged, so the drive got to keep it / buy it for 50$” However it worked I got an awesome Kind sized bed. A bed I like to think of as more than a bed. Michael once walked by my bedroom and said “Is there a battle going on in there?” ever since then I’ve thought of my bed as a battle ground and considered the ferocious “sleeping” taking place on the bed as battle.

For the last few months I’ve been on a hardcore health trip. I’ve Worked up to 45 or more minutes on the treadmill, raised the treadmill up so the incline is greater than 14%, been hiking more, eating better, dropped 18 pounds, and overall gotten into much better shape than I’ve been in for years. The being in better shape is starting to affect my furniture; most notably the battle ground. To remedy the battle ground issues I took the bed apart and replaced the 2×4 support structure with 4×4 beams better mounted to the side of the bed frame, and supported with larger posts in the middle. The result is an overly engineered Rock Solid in home battle ground. Below is an image of two of the three support beams in place.

Trenton helped me out putting a few of the beams in. He got to learn some power tool technique, how to use a wood chisel to notch out some wood, some measure methods, ETC. I love it when I get a chance to teach my kid new skills!!

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