Bare Mountain

Sunday morning Michelle and are both in love with packing and logistics; we spent a good hour packing up, cleaning, eating, and generally getting ready before we got in the iced over car and headed for Bare mountain. Bare Mountain, not to be confused with Witch Mountain, a Disney movie with the Rock we watched earlier in the week and enjoyed, and we’re off

Bare Mountain didn’t end up happening. On the way there we found ourselves a bit lost due to horrible directions in a trail book. Being lost was not enough to totally turn us off. We gave up when we discovered Bare Mountain requires a forestry service packing pass that we don’t have; we passed on the mountain. We were in North Bend near Mount Si and needed something to hike so onwards to Si we went. John (from work), myself, and Michelle tackled the mountain in about 4.5 hours round trip. Not too bad of a time for an 8 mile walk with 3500 feet of elevation gain. We walked up the switch backs and moaned at all of the steps through the tree to finally make it to Rocky top. Below you can see Michelle and I walking up the trail in our trail gear. I’m wearing my brilliant pink “you have to wonder I’m with a guy and a girl” do rag.

At the top everything opens up and you get some amazing views. It was a totally clear day when we did it and we were able to see Bellevue, Seattle, Mount Rainier, the Olympics, and a bunch of other mountains. Here’s a shot of me sitting on the rocks

Below’s a shot where you can see Seattle and Bellevue in the back ground

Mount Rainier in the back ground behind the mountains

Check this link for the rest of the pictures

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