Bitter Sweet

I had one of those bitter sweet events happen to me at work today. That kind where you’re both very excited, a bit sad, proud, and annoyed all at the same time. A portion of my job is people management. I strive to focus most of people management time empowering, mentoring, and enabling those I manage to be better not only at their jobs but in life. I’m far from a micromanager. We try to hire good people who get the job done on their own and don’t need to be baby sat.

One of the guys I manage came to me today and told me he was offered and is going to accept a position at a very large software company in the area. My first reaction was to say “congratulations, I’m excited for you!” In my heart I’m very excited for him. In my mind I’m thinking “crap, how I am going go cover his position, and skill set, I have so much work to do to clean up. how much money is the company going to lose getting someone else of his caliber and then bringing up to speed, how will this effect his team

Losing an employee has some costs, not only money wise, but time wise. It takes months to bring someone up to speed and make them highly productive. As a manager I have be concerned about the cost and do what ever I can to retain those I manage; It’s a fine line for me. I’ll do everything I can to keep someone but you can tell when someone has crossed the line where you cannot do anything more. Once I see that I’ll do everything in my power to help the person move on to something new and better.

No matter the cost to the company, to me, my focus will always be to the employee. In today’s situation the best option for the employee is for him to do is to move to the new job, and that’s what I will support. I’ve been in positions before where people who worked for me were not sure about taking new jobs and I’ve threatened to fire them if they did not take the new job.

Today I am, above all else, Proud the other company wanted one of my guys, and excited for the amazing opportunity he’ll have at his job. At the same I’m going to look towards to his last day with sadness knowing he’s leaving.

Mr. Soon to leave I’m proud of you. You’re not only brilliant and what you do, you’re also an amazing person. I wish all the best in your new position. Do not hesitate to call on me if there is every anything I can do to help out.

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