HD Antenna

When I canceled cable I was hoping to keep Channels 1-13, which would have been plenty. Yesterday morning we lost all channels thanks to Comcast’s no more analog transmission bullshit. I have an HD tuner in my media Center at home so I figured I’d do some research and see what I can get. I found a brilliant site http://antennaweb.org/aw/Stations.aspx that produced the blow image telling what channels I can get from what direction from my roof. Super cool map!!


Basically we’ll get the main broadcast channels, what I was thinking I would keep as 1-13. My house being built in the late 70’s has walls lined with double layers of tin foil as part of the insulation. All that tin foil makes it hard to work with an antenna. In search of a solution, off to Amazon and the internets I go to find and order an Antenna. After much research I ordered the Channel Master 4221HD Multi-Bay UHF Short Range HDTV Antenna for about 50$. If it is nice this weekend I’ll put some EMT conduit up on the corner of the garage and run coax from there to the media cabinet. With all the hard work done mounting the antenna will be simpler when it shows up.

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