Does Microsoft Support VMware

I call Microsoft Product Support a few times a month to work out issues. For me the main reasons for calling are: It would take to long to find the answer another way, no clue what the answer is and a call is the only way to solve it the issue, or to learn something only the product group would know. Most likely for me it’s the first issue. Generally PSS has, as they would put it, Done the needful and put in their best effort to help. Recently that policy has changed.

I had a PSS call yesterday and their answer was “ sorry not supported, look at our pretty table and you can see it not supported. We’re going to hang up now. If you want I can have a manager call you back and tell you no too”

Being told we are not going to help you in this manor did not do much to put me in a better mood. My plan in the future is to call Microsoft and simply not tell them the server is on a hypervisor and not allow them to login remotely and look. – Not supported and making an effort goes a lot further with me then hanging up the phone before even looking at the issue.

The Following Link takes you to the MS wizard you can use to see if your configuration is supported. I’d suggest checking it before you call Microsoft and molding your words based on the results.

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