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PHB issues PHB[1]| Over the last few months My role at work has changed a bit. I guess it’s a symptom of getting older and being good at what I do; getting more responsibility. I’m much more of a people herder lately then I am a technical problem solver.  I’ve always relied on my well honed instincts and experience to give me quick answers to IT issues.

With computers you can reboot and tweak a setting and the problem goes away. With people you don’t have the quick fix option; everything takes time. For me the amount of time to fix has been a big change in how I deal with my issues. I now have to think and plan down the smallest details, then put myself in everyone else’s shoes shows and consider impact.

I am dealing with peoples lives now, not with their data, so I need to be sure I get things more right the first time. Every guess and try that goes wrong has large impacts on a bunch of people.

It’s a fun new challenge, and a new area to focus my learning. So far I think I’m doing an ok job…

Less TV | IMG_8590[1] We canceled cable in the house a few weeks ago and went to Broadcast OTA only TV. Since making this move I’ve been watching less and less TV and spending more time being productive. Part of me missing some of the shows I enjoyed – mainly travel channel shows – but the big part of me is loving My increased productivity. Michelle is gone for a few days with her family in Idaho so I am home alone. In the past I might have gotten off work, come home and sat on the couch for hours watching TV. Last night That was not the case.

I got home from work around 7, had some dinner then went to the gym. I used to watch TV  while running on the treadmill. Now I’ve been taking Rosetta stone Spanish lessons while running. I Put in an hour last night after work. I love how Rosetta teaches the language. It’s very much like how you would learn as a kid. By seeing and associating words with things and concepts. Tell me in a tape what El, La, Los, Ella, and Ellos are and my mind gets lost. Show me pictures and make my brain work them out without me knowing I am leaning and it all makes sense after a few hours..

After the hour in the gym I striped nekkad and crawled into the sauna with a nice book for a the better part of an hour. All covered in dripping sweat, LOVE The sauna, I hoped into the shower, rinsed off, dried off, then laid on the couch with a book for a bit before bed. With less TV I am so much more productive.

Moral of the story | Lots of Changes going on for me, so far no complaints.

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