Spring Commitment

I tried once before many moons ago and had to turn back to due to weather, then life got the way of me trying again. Not summiting has haunted, so I’m on a Mission to Climb Rainier next spring / early summer. I’m thinking near the end of May. I will work on a more firmer dater later depending on who comes with me. Which brings me to my point of this email – Anyone want to come with? If anyone from the east coast wants to come over and do it, I’ve got 3 guest bedrooms at home, and I can find a big car; I am sure we could find room and board.


I am taking my kid with me (Age 14 – 155 pounds – he Plays Center) so I am going to sign up for the RMI 4 day summit package and have them supply the training. Kids listen to other people better then parents right? http://www.rmiguides.com/rainier/4-day-summit.php  – I talked to Lacey at RMI over the weekend and she said “they don’t do group discounts- but they do guide very well, and have an exceptional safety record

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