Night Time work

IMG_0847[1]Doing this whole no more cable thing, getting ready to climb mount Rainier thing, getting into better shape, and learning Spanish thing for the big trip all while working my handful jobs means I need to be as efficient as possible with my time. Working-out while working is one of the things I do to gain efficiency.

The picture to the side is a typical image of me working from home at nights. I get home from work and spend about an hour on the treadmill or the elliptical – both have laptop mounts – working out and working. Half the nights I try to spend the time with my Spanish software the other half of the time I end up working on a project for work. Either way I’m getting in a good workout and some great time getting other things done.

If you look under the front of the treadmill you can see the blocks I have it on to increase the incline. I don’t run on the treadmill. I walk fast at about 3 or so miles an hour at an incline. 10% is what the treadmill does by default, with the blocks I’m at 14% incline. I tried to add more but the treadmill would not deal with it. It was teasing me when it was steeper. It worked perfectly until I got near the computer then it would speed up until I backed away from the computer.

Once I am done on the treadmill I head for the most private relaxing time of the night for me. My 30 minutes in the sauna with a book; no laptop, no cell phone, only enough lights to read. I sit in the sauna , I sweat and I read in a dark quite room. I love my sauna time!! I look a lot thinner now sitting in the sauna then I did when I first got it.

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