Out to get Me

I must have angered someone over the last week. I’ve somehow put on 5 pounds in the last 10 days, and I was nearly killed on the drive home today. The weight game has been drastic consider I’ve only made minor changes in my diet, and I’ve more then doubled my efforts in the gym. I want to blame it on incorporating weights into my Gyms time. We’ll see if my want is the truth; It might be. I’ve not gone up in belt sizes at all.

Topping off the crazy weight gain was someone trying to kill me by tossing a bolder at my car while I was on the freeway traveling at 60+ miles an hour. I saw the rock coming triggered my flight or fight response. My crazy quick reflexes causing me to duck and avoid getting too much glass on my face. The sound of the boulder hitting my windshield nearly made me tinkle in my pants. Then I looked up and saw the huge hole in the glass directly in front of my face; glad I ducked. Check out the monster hole in my glass


Below is a shot of my lap all covered in glass. Thankfully I only got a bit in my eyes


Last shot was taken after I got home of the hole from the outside.


Other then the water pouring in and the cops who would surely be out to get me with that monster I’d love to drive around with it. I could totally pimp some brilliant stories about getting shot at or something with a hole this big in my car.

Oh well, I guess I might need to ask Santa for a new wind shield now.

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