Ice Gate

We got stuck at the Zoo for a few hours Sunday. We were going to head to the Zoo and walk some trail to a mansion on the hill but we decided it was too cold and icy so we took the road leaving the zoo. A road that really should have been closed. I had some fun sliding down the hill until we got to the end and there was a closed gate at about the steepest part of the road. No way I could stop on the sheet of ice. Not wanting to smash my week old car. I ran the car into the cement bumper thing [1] on the side of the road for some extra friction. My move resulted in us stopping but I could not move to turn without sliding into a guard rail or the gate. I made a bunch of phone calls trying to get someone to close the road, and open the gate so I could leave – Eventually those called ended with “ we’ll I guess I will spend the night here waiting for someone to come to work tomorrow. I have 3 other people in the car they’ll be happy about that 


My new Ford Escape thing – we call it Runkel


My plan at this point was to walk and buy some salt to salt the road so I could move.  I tried a bunch of other things but they did not work. The hill was so slick I could not get out of the car with out holding onto the car to keep me from slipping on my bum. As I was about to get out of the car one last time and slide to the gate a park car randomly drove by and opened the gate for me.  They had no clue I was there they were out checking the grounds. Turns out they do work weekend, but no one has their number….  The worst part the ordeal, I was so frustrated I forgot to take pictures…


[1] 4” by 4” square cement log thing painted yellow on the side of the road.

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