Pants Twice in 10 days

IMG_1113[2] IMG_0758[2] I’ve had pants on twice in the past 10 days. Crazy times indeed.  Last night Michelle and I played dressed up with the Zebra crew and went out to Teatro Zinzanni. We went last year and had a brilliant time. This year was just as brilliant. The show is amazing, the dinner is brilliant, and the company is fun to chat with.

After we got home from the show Michelle took a picture of me (to the left) in pants to prove that I wore them.  Earlier in the week I went to Microsoft in pants for some meetings. After getting back from my meetings Michelle took a picture of me in pants ( to the right ), again to prove I was in them. Twice in 10 days, is crazy for me.



I found the following Video of the show as it played last night.

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