Portland with Boys and Baby

A few months ago when it was warmer outside Michelle and I booked a hotel in Portland for a weekend. The plan was to bring Trenton down here and explore the town. Plans did not happen and we ended up canceling the hotel.  A few weeks ago we decided to give it a try again and we booked the hotel again. We picked a weekend where Portland was predicting an ice storm and it’s below freezing outside. Oh, well some cold and ice are not capable of stopping us so we loaded up the new escape with some warm winter cloths and took off south.




Michelle’s parents are working at the Thornton Tree farm near Vancouver so we stopped by on the drive down and for lunch. We explored the farm a bit, saw the Llamas, went for a hay ride, and had breakfast with the working crew. It was a nice little stop on the way down here. After the tree farm we got into the hotel around 2 or so, checked in, headed up to the room, then headed out into the Cold. Hour Hotel is the last stop in the Free zone on the MAX. Free, simple public transportation is a brilliant thing with 2 kids when you want to explore a city.

It was about 25 degrees out, and almost ready to rain. Our First stop on the MAX was the Saturday market. A bunch of local peeps along the water front setup under the 10’ x 10’ instatents selling stuff. Trenton was looking for something to get his Girlfriend for Xmas and the rest of us were just looking. At a corner near the band we saw something very shinny and spiny that caught all of eyes, so we walked over to investigate. A local glass blower had some twirly metal things with glass balls it them that really caught the eye. As you looked at them they looked like the glass ball was climbing up the metal. IMG_1142.JPG

My parents love things that go in the wind so we had to wait in the queue to get one. The Queue was VERY nice to wait in because the guy had an outdoor heater in his booth that we got to stand under. I could have stood there for hours.  After that we walked around some more, looked at spoonman, and then headed back towards the MAX stop to carry on further. On the way back to the MAX stop Michelle noticed that we were on third and Voodoo donuts is on second so we figured we’d go find it while we were close. As luck would have it Voodoo donuts was right around the corner from where Michelle had her epiphany.

We stoped in and bought our bacon maple bar donuts and reveled in their majesty. Along the counter of the tiny donut shop were a number of signs “ please don’t feed the bums, they hang out and herass our customer and hurt our business” mutter—Kev  does not love the bums. IMG_0748.JPG

After donuts we got back on the MAX and got off near Powells books. When in Portland you have to go to powells and get a few books. We all split up and found what we wanted, then we meet up again in the red room near the travel section, where I bought the long way down book. In front of powells is a big metal thing that moves. I challenged Trenton to move. He got a running start, jumped and hit a few times until he slipped and landed on his bum…  Then I put him on my shoulders and he tried some more. We were upstaged by a rocket scientist who gently wiggled the metal thing until it was moving all over the place.


After powells we went to the Lloyd center mall food court for dinner and watched the Zamboni clean the ice while we ate. Next we ended up in the hotel room where I taught David and Michelle how to place poker. WE did not have cards and strip poker might have been odd so I emptied all of the cards out of my wallet and that was our bet. We had about 8 cards each ( license, credit, business, room key, and at one time Michelle bet a bit of cookie that lasted a few hands before Trenton ate it ) In the end, being the veteran player I won all of the contents of my wallet back.

Now it’s morning and I am hiding in the lobby working away on my laptop waiting for everyone else to wake up in the room so we can head out to breakfast and then work out what we should do next on this fine cold wet Portland day.

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