How true – The New Third Base.

How true is this? – Third base was an accidental brush of a breast in the 50’s- Today it’s a bukkake party with 20 of your closest friends filmed so you can post it on the internet


We live a time where we have vastly greater freedoms to “play” and enormous amounts of information to learn to play. Too many people still live in the era they grew up in, and use stupid excuses. Personally I think parents who tell their kids “you cannot date until you are 18” and think they have solved the problem are complete idiots and need to be beating with a shovel. – Sex is the third most searched for word in the 8-12 range. Forbidding is not the answer. Education, being open, and building trust are the answers. I’ve been talking to Trenton about sex in one way or another since he was 3 years old and asked me “dad, if I came from inside of mom and you and mom made me, were you ever inside of mom” – I’ve been preaching ALWAYS wear a condom since he was about 8. and recently we’ve started to step it up to “these are visible signs of STDS, inspect your partner before you play, don’t forget always wear a condom and be safe.

The Open communications Trenton I have had for so long with no subject off-limits has built us a great foundation of trust. The Trust is one of the best gifts I’ve been able to give Trenton. He feels safe telling me just about anything. Feeling safe telling me things means we can have conversations about stuff and I can help guide him to the more right answers.


Sex is a part of life, it’s a fun enjoyable part of life. Learn to accept it and help your children have fun with in a safe way.

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