San Diego Road Trip Part I

Wednesday evening Michelle and I were talking about what to do without upcoming three day new years weekend and I made the statement “ we should go somewhere, where sounds fun? How about Tahoe” That statement got the ball rolling, but it was not the end. After some more talking we decided that Tahoe might be too cold this time of the year so I tossed out the Idea of heading to LA to have new years with Reesman.  Michelle being Michelle had a great response “Let me think about it for a few hours, but chances are I will say yes so make your plans”

I called up Adam to tell him we were coming to stay with him for new years, and he told me that he was planning to be in San Diego for the weekend. Michelle and I both like San Diego, so we got all excited at the idea.  With a tiny bit of planning and a disappointing “ I have too much to do to come with you” from Marty Michelle and I went to bed then hit the road at 4am. We had a bit of stall, I forgot the TomTom at home, so we had to turn around to get it; It was not at home. I’d left it at work so we drove into the office to get it.

After that small slow down we drove for the next 20 hours until we pulled into the Holiday in on Pacific Highway in San Diego at about 12:30. I love the road trip! We had a nice drive. Michelle took naps, did some driving, got some star bucks and told me stories about some of her X boys. I am so not her normal guy. I’m happy she stepped out of her mold and took a chance on me.  We had one issue on the drive. One of the wipers broke. We had to stop twice to get it fixed. Once for me to take the passenger side wiper off and put it on the driver’s side and flip the passenger side arm up into the arm. And another time we had to stop at a target and buy 2 new wiper blades.


Friday we spent a good chunk of the day in the hotel room with the Reesman crew recovering from our long drive, and their long night of debauchery. We did go for a walk around the city and have breakfast at Hennessey’s. I love their Steak omelets. Food did not sit well with me. I think it was due to dehydration. I don’t think I drank enough on the drive down. Michelle and I were trying to drive tank to tank and not stop until we needed gas. To make that we skipped drinking. On the way home I think I am going to drink a bit more to see if that helps.

After breakfast, we went back to hotel for another nap then drove over to Coronado to watch the sunset and walk along the beach.  AMAZING sunset. It was bloody gorgeous words and picture cannot capture the colours of the sky.


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