Clem Dinner – and Paint

Michelle and I got a quick Lily-fix last week. We met up with the Clems (Ty, Jess and Lily) at Spiro’s for dinner, and then went back to their place to exchange some gifts. Lily is growing like babies do, and communicating much better than she used to. She dragged me around the house and then had me read to her. After that, she played with the inflatable princess bed sleeping bag thing we got her (we were told she likes beds). Ty starts his new job soon and he’s all kinds of excited, and princess Jess looks as hot as ever.

A few shots of Lily waking up to eat dinner and then trying on some Princess gear she got from Trenton.

IMG_1369[1] IMG_1371[1] IMG_1373[1]

After dinner we went home and Michelle got right back to work on her painting projects. Last week she re-did the upstairs bathroom, all of the upstairs doors,  and started in on the cabinets in our bathroom. When she gets going she totally gets going!


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