My Baby is good to me at Xmas Time

After Xmas I often run into the “what did you get for Xmas” question. I normally answer with the coolest gifts people got for me. Then brag about the coolest things I gave. This year the coolest gifts come across as a bit odd. Let me back track and make the statement – I am not simple to shop for – when I want something I go out and buy it myself, or sometimes turns out I already have two somewhere in the house. This happened last weekend. I bought a new 2” receiver for the escape then Tyler discovered two of them in a corner of the garage. Oh well the new receiver is shinny and it has a case.

Being hard to shop for people normally give up and get me a gift card ( go get what ever you want ) or they avoid getting me gifts. Not my baby, she took notes over the last year and kept track of the odd things I wanted but was unable to find. The coolest of the items she got me was a spatula; not one but a case of 24 spatulas. She did not get me any plain spatula. She got me the hard melamine spatula I use for all of my spatula needs. It’s the right size and thickness to use everywhere, it has enough sharpness to cut meat in a skillet, its not hard enough to scrape off the none stick, and it’s thin enough to flip anything. I broke my last one and cried for weeks. Cooking lost it’s fun because I could not find a replacement. Michelle took the time and effort to find a supplier who actually sold the spatula and bought a case for me. BRILLIANT GIFT!!

The spatulas are not the only awesome thing Michelle got for me. Michelle also spent an entire year looking for the sunglasses I wanted that have not been made in years. She found me Jack from StarGate’s sun glasses. Another awesome gift. Then she toped it off with not one, but two signed Harley Quinn prints. I have a bit of an obsession with Harley, Michelle knows this, and I’ve sent her links to this picture before telling her how much I loved it. She took note of my picture and my obsession and searched out the artist who did created the art I liked. She then contacted the artist and bought a print. The artist was nice enough to sign it and include a second copy. I have one on my desk at work, and one my living room wall.


Michelle takes awesome care of Me. Thanks for being such a good baby to me baby.

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