Shitty Verizon Service

I had some crazy piss poor shitty service from Verizon last night. So Pissy I felt I had to call back today and review the call with a manager. My home internet was down  for about 8 hours yesterday, half way into the outage I did the needful and restarted my modem, checked the line for tone, logged into the modem and checked status, then rebooted again. Everything indicated proper modem function, and line quality.

I was suspecting something was wrong at the CO, so I called Verizon to confirm. The guy I got on the phone asked me some questions, it went a little something like this:

VZ | have you rest your modem
Me | yes I have a few times
VZ | well that does no good you need to power cycle it
Me | That’s what I meant I did , does the modem even have a reset button?
VZ | yes it does sir and you were just indicating to me that you were resetting it I need you to power cycle your modem
Me | I just told you I power cycled it 3 times, But “poof” ok I did it again it is still not working
VZ | Sir what kind of modem to you have?
Me | Let me look in the web interface. It should tell me on the advanced tab right?
VZ | you should not be able to access the web interface have you hacked your modem
Me | No – it’s a model 6100
VZ | what is your operating system sir
Me | Does it matter? My modem is busted not my OS
VZ | Sir what kind of OS do you have
Me | I have 4 windows 7 machines, some vista, some server 2008. what do you need
VZ | I am sorry sir your modem does not support more then one machine
Me | Bull shit , it’s been doing it for months, and it was pre configured with 100 addresses in the DCHP pool and it says small office router on it
VZ | I am sorry sir but your modem does not support more then one computer you must have worn it out. It has been over worked you broke it
Me | ok I unplugged all of the other computers my modem still does not work. can you look at my modem or your office?
VZ | no sir your modem is worn out I cannot help you, you need to get a bigger modem
Me | Bull shit, you are pissing me off. Give me your Manager
VZ | this is hostile – click – the call was ended

I called back and the first thing the new guy told me “ there is a CO outage in your area we are getting new hardware installed. Would you like be added to the ticket and we’ll let you know when it is back up” Perfect answer. I was happy. The first guy got a formal write up and they said he would get a few days of suspension for how badly he treated me / handled the call. I am going to call back and make sure they followed through with that. I started the call getting name and operator number. I am not someone you want to piss off or try to BS in the telco world. I’ve had too many try that one in the past. I know the tricks now.

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