Smoking in the boys Room

I’m now starting day II of the new job at Microsoft, so far so good. I got to spend most of yesterday in meetings and chatting with my team about what we do, and what me and Tim are expected to do. Both Tim and I agree, we’d like to jump into the work right away. However the plan is for us to spend a few weeks in Training down in Sammamish for PSS support stuff. We are both hoping that we have access to the ticking system so we can work on solving issues while we are in the boring training. We’ll see how it goes.

Still no badge yet, so I am at the mercy of other people to let me in the building. The front door does not open until 8am, so I am stuck coming in very late for a bit. Traffic sucks ballz getting here at 8. I left home around 7:10 and got to Microsoft at 7:55. It’s only 9 miles from my house. Normally takes me about 15 minutes. Once I get a badge I’ll be moving back to a more regular 0600 to 1500 work schedule that helps me avoid almost all traffic.

Items worth commenting about:

  • The laptop from Covestic sucks. I am going to return it and ask for something better. If they won’t give me better then I’ll use my personal laptop (dual boot) or go buy another one. I sound like a snob, but it is hard to get work done with 1280×800 screen resolution when you need heaps of things open.
  • Right now we are in building 3. It’s one of the older buildings on campus. Some of the offices overlook a lake nick named Lake Bill. They are nice offices, recently redecorated on the inside. The odd part about the age – there are ash trays in the bathroom. When was the last time it was cool to smoke in an office in the PNW?
  • I ran into two people who used to work for me at my last job. It’s a small world out here folks you never know who you might run into.


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