Like I never Left

According to Microsoft it’s like I never left because I never did. We’ve had issues getting me a badge since I started this week. Last night my manager dug into it more and it turns out my Blue Badge account is still active in the system. I can’t use it because I have no been in a building with it in the last 30 days, or logged in to the system, but it is still active in the system. I might have to contact my old manager and have him fire me or something to make my account inactive so I can have it activated again. I hope that’s the case because it will be fun! – Um, Greg, can you Fire me ??- hahahaha..

Like I mentioned yesterday, the building we are in right now is an old building. It’s one of the oldest on campus. The building is Building number 3, and being attached to building number 1 the numbers kind of say old building. The carpet looks fairly new, so the building has been upgraded. Yesturday while walking about I noticed another sign of the building being old and being upgraded. The following two pictures are how a conference room used to show as in use, vs. how you show it is in use now.

                                 Then                                    y                                  Now

IMG_1523 IMG_1524

Things sure have changed a bit. I hope to report back tomorrow and be able to say “ I have a badge!” we’ll see. It would be nice to be able to freely move about the building and not have to tail gate.

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