Nice things about Being Back


Another one of the brilliant things about being back on campus at Microsoft is the unlimited supply of V8. In real life I am too cheap to buy V8 on my own. In Microsoft life I drink about 4 of these things a day. In addition to all of the awesome redness I am drinking I get to eat lunches from he salad bars. Microsoft has cafeterias all over the place stocked with a large variety of food choices. Consistent in all all of the cafeteria’s is the salad bar. I love getting me a good fresh salad for lunch.

Trenton and I were hoping to hit the auto auction this weekend and buy a car for a learning project for him, but it seems that is not in the cards. Getting extra time with Trenton, no matter how great the experiences for him are, is next to impossible. Someday maybe things will get better. 1

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